Episode 72: No Guts, No Glory: Master Stringmaker Dan Larsen

April 23, 2013

gut1Episode 72: No Guts, No Glory: Master Stringmaker Dan Larsen

Upcoming Events: April 12 and 14 – Vivaldi Four Seasons and Vivaldi Concerto in D Major for Viola d’Amore with Boise Baroque in Idaho, April 13 – lecture on the history of the violin at Boise State University, April 16 – master class at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, April 20 – master class for Sigma Alpha Iota at the Oak Park Public Library in Illinois, April 22 – adjudicating the finals of Northwestern University’s concerto competition

Inquiries from my Inbox: Anmajumdar asks, “Do you use first knuckle and wrist for your vibrato?” Peter writes, “I have a full-blown arm vibrato, which only makes me clamp down on the violin with my neck… do you have any tips to help me learn a ‘wrist’ vibrato?”

Random Musical Thought: Why do so many people fail to realize that my Birthday Variations are supposed to be a parody?

Main Topic: A conversation about the art of making early music strings out of gut with luthier and stringmaker Dan Larsen. For more information, please visit http://gamutmusic.squarespace.com/

Total playing time: 01:07:39


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